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This is the end of a chapter.

The last episode, of this podcast, to date.

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Nic Antoine,

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The show about art, culture, cuisine and all things: in-between.

Thank you, so, so much, for listening to this show.

It took a lot out of me.

I hope I put something in you.


Sex and Death (Commentary)

The tenth issue of “Hellblazer”.

Hamadryads are likened to world trees and acorn-bearers.

Holy, fleshly conquests are questioned, in relation to the intentions of deities which seek carnal pleasures and don’t know how to ask to partake in them politely.

And the second episode, of NBC’s “Constantine” does not have its’ Easter eggs revealed…

…wholly, because this episode was recorded at 5AM: on All Hallow’s Eve.

I’m sure it was phenomenal, though.

Go watch it.


Happy Halloween.

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Shot to Hell (Commentary)

The ninth issue of “Hellblazer”.

The importance, of May 10th, throughout human history, is heralded.

With an unstoppable pendulum of progress, the free market decimates the Old World.

And the immaculate conception, of the DC Television ‘Verse, is given the highest amount of respect.

Welcome to the longest episode of the show.

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Ghosts in the Machine (commentary)

The seventh issue of “Hellblazer”.

Chemognosis, and its ability to enhance both art and your personal journey through life, is explored.

Apologies are given to Joss Whedon…and rightly so.

And, of course, the “Fortean Times” are rediscovered.

It’s one of those episodes…

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Extreme Prejudice (commentary)

The sixth issue of “Hellblazer”.

Hatred is redefined.

Unemployment Compensation is equated with Social Security and English “Dole’s” and detailed in all of it’s lopsided glory.

And John Constantine is sledgehammered by the bane of the ’80’s.


Not that one.

The other one.


The one that took Mercury from the Earth.


Good times ahead!